„Tekwill in every school” program scales up at the national level


A new school year, more opportunities for the educational institutions throughout the country . Beginning with September, other 157 schools will become members of the most revolutionary educational program in the country- „Tekwill in every school”. So, in the school year 2021 – 2022, other several hundred pupils will get access to the courses that will develop their abilities and skills  to ready them for the  professions of the future.

More so, in the near future,  approx. 400 of the selected teachers will participate in a comprehensive continuous training  to make them proficient in teaching the optional subjects. The new phase of the project shall introduce new optional courses, such as  Artificial Intelligence, Design and Development of Mobile Applications, Entrepreneurship, beside the currently provided:  Programming Algorithms in C/C++,  Web Design and Development, Graphic Design. At the same time, all courses taught in  2020-2021 school year shall be available in Russian beginning with the next year.

Currently, the „Tekwill in every school” program is implemented in 77 secondary educational institutions  in the Republic of Moldova , which shall continue to be part of the program in the future.  With the selection of new schools, in the 2020-2021 school year, 234 schools and a  total of  590  teachers will be included in the program.  Also, the estimated number of pupils who will be enrolled in at least one of the 6 courses available on the platform is at least 20,000.

The list of the selected institutions, can be accessed here.


Tekwill in every school” program’s aim is that 90%  of the lyceums in the country be admitted into the community by 2024. The courses taught as part of this initiative are made available on the  eLearning platform – tekwill.online – which is aimed for high school teachers and pupils, and until now, more than 5.327 pupils from grades 7-12 have adhered to the program. Every course has 34 lessons, which can be studied over the course of one academic year, and every weekly lesson includes educational resources in the form of digital text, video, simulation exercises, interactive evaluation tests, and for passing the course every pupil must draft a final project.   

The program is developed in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova. The elaboration of courses as part of the  „Tekwill in every school” program was possible  thanks to the funds provided by the private sector, ordinary citizens and members of the diaspora, and funds donated by  foreign development partners - USAID, Sweden, EU4Moldova and UNDP Moldova.