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Teacher's guide

"Tekwill in Every School" starts the ‘reverse class’ training sessions according to the Teacher's Guide. 

The teacher's guide is designed for all teachers working in middle school and high school and will offer courses with a duration of 10 hours to learn how the ‘reverse class’ teaching method can be integrated into their practice.

The ‘Teacher's Guide’ aims to strengthen teachers' abilities as they move from traditional teaching to ‘reverse class’, which involves online teaching and learning. 

The teacher's guide contains details about:

· understanding the blended learning, but also about the differences and similarities of Reverse Class and Online Learning;

· guidelines for the integration of blended learning, namely Reverse Class and Online Learning, into teaching methods;

· classroom management in the context of blended learning;

· how to provide effective feedback to students;

· how to get students involved during an online course;

· how to effectively evaluate students;

· ways to motivate students.

The training sessions will take place online during January. At the end of the course, the teachers will present a final project, and those who have met all the conditions for participation, will receive a course diploma, which certifies the skills acquired after attending the course.

The final project will suppose creation of a teaching project 

Registration period:

Trainers: until December 17, 2021

Trainees (teachers) until December 31, 2021

Teachers can register by accessing this link:


December - Training of trainers by the Guide team

January - Training of trainees and creation of a teaching project

February - Implementation of the methodology in the teaching-learning process

March - Follow-up workshop with the team of trainers

April - Continued implementation of the reverse class methodology, highlighting success stories

Who can register as a Trainer?

   Teachers with the necessary experience and qualifications below can register by filling out a form. The TIES team will analyse the received files, based on which will select the team of trainers.

· University degree in the field of education.

· Experience of at least 2 years of professional teaching.

· Experience of at least 1 year in reverse class.

· Previous experience as a trainer in similar professional development programs.

Who can participate as a Trainee?

· Training will be open to all teachers regardless of the subject taught in the school, or if they teach the "Tekwill in Each School" optional subjects.

· Availability to participate in training sessions conducted in January 2022.

· Interest and desire to implement the methodology in the classroom.

At the end of the training sessions, you will know:

· what is the Reverse Class model and how is it different from traditional learning

· what are the advantages of the Reverse Class strategy

· what is the role of the teacher in organizing the lessons according to the Reverse Class model

· how to plan a lesson according to the Reverse Class methodology

· what techniques we can use in organizing lessons according to the Reverse Class model

· how the evaluation activities can be carried out

· which ICT tools favour the training based on the Reverse Class model