Contest “Tekwill Innovative Teacher” 2021

The application for context “Tekwill Innovative Teacher” 2021 is aimed at identification of the teacher community, beneficiaries of “Tekwill in Every School” program demonstrating their advanced digital skills, advanced academic performance, commitment and determination in cultivation of students’ interest in future professions.

profesiile viitorului
As of 26th of July, nearly 1200 teachers in the country are attending  the Digital Education curriculum so that in the fall they can share with their students computer knowledge, develop skills in the field of technology and robotics,  and  nurture their interest in information technology. Teaching period: July 26 – August 6, 2021 (in total 8-10 classes - 2 hours per session) Presentation of projects for the graduation of the training program: August 13 – 20, 2021. After the ending of the training program, teachers will have 7-10 days at their disposal to draft their final projects that will confirm the quality of the acquired new digital knowledge / skills.

Digital Education

Digital education is a mandatory subject of study for primary school pupils at all educational establishments of our country. This initiative was launched in 2018 and was aimed to teach children personal computers, technologies and robots, to breed passion for STEM education and to encourage children to choose a profession of the future.


The “Tekwill Junior Ambassadors” competition announced its winners! 67 teams from 30 schools across the country put their digital skills and creativity in practice, developing original and inventive projects for the competition. Whether they chose to create book covers and bookmarks, the visual tourist identity of a locality or the visual identity of a local company, the winning teams were awarded with different digital gadgets and promotional materials.